Sunday, August 12, 2007

Royal Imagination

I became a royalist upon reading The Chronicles of Narnia around the age of ten. This sensibility was confirmed in me the first time I saw Buckingham Palace. I have been in love with palaces and castles ever since. The photo above is of my family in the gardens of Kilkenny Castle, Ireland, in 2004.

C. S. Lewis once wrote in a letter to an American correspondent:

"American children, as I know from the letters they write me, are just as 'Aslan-olatrous' as English ones. The world of fairy-tale, as the world of Christianity, makes the heart and imagination royalist in a sense which mere politics hardly [touches]. What my stories do is to liberate--to free from inhibitions--a spontaneous impulse to serve and adore, to have a 'dearest dread', which the modern world starves, or diverts to film-stars, crooners, and athletes." Unpublished letter to Patricia Hillis, Austin, Texas, March 10, 1959.

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